_MG_0211 copie.png
Play with Foam

Material exploration


Foam, a light cellulosic material, soft and malleable inspired me for my graduating project in Textile design. I tried to push the boundaries of the initial material by playing with the cutting and the flexibility of the foam, and it’s resilience.

By adding another material to it such as a plastic grid, cotton threads or even clear PVC sheets, it brings new properties and works together to show new ways of seeing the foam.

For this particular project, I developed a weaving technique that wraps the foam into sections;

Infinite structures and shapes can then be imagined from this specific panel.

Its marshmallow colour and its honeylike orange, originally from the aging foam, creates a sweet and candy-like environment that influenced me to develop these shapes.

These interactive surfaces were imagined to be applied to any industry, such as insulating panels in a living space, according to one of the properties of the foam, but it also can be interpreted in your own way.