La lune et le Coeur

Folie & Fantaisie


MADNESS, subst. fem. : Behavior, which frees conventions or social norms, goes hand in hand with gaiety, carefreeness or causes these.

Children are crazy. Their spirits are not yet submitted by social norms. They are gay, carefree.

We asked them to dress up some dolls letting their creativity run. Then, they drew them and told us their stories. 

Without them, we could not have achieved the mild madness of the silhouettes.


We chose four of their creations and transcribed them as similar as possible.

The challenges of this fashion collection were the change of scale, the redrafting in terms of forms and textiles. The plasticine is transformed into velvet, rhinestones and sequins become giant, the prints recreated with the children’s drawings. 

 Thanks to them, La Lune et le Coeur gets out of her rational jail to dress the craziest people. creates a sweet and candy-like environment that influenced me to develop these shapes.

Project in collaboration with Orlane Albasini, Roxane Leboucher and Claire Zaquine.